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Improving The Air

Clairco collaborated with a business park in Gurgaon, India. The city is having one of the worst air quality indexes not only in India but also in the world.


Challenges: Clients did not have any air purification system installed in their facility because of which PM levels were increasing. Clients had constraints of budget and were not okay with the high capital extensive model.


Solution: Clairco did the technical inspection of the client's facility and came up with the solution that can be offered. With Clairco’s Clean air as a Service model, clients were not required to pay high installation costs. Clairco with their patented technology converted the client's central AC system into an air purification unit. Clairco also offered strict service level agreements to its clients which Clairco is bound to follow. Clairco also installed its highly efficient IoT devices to monitor the air quality 24X7.


Result: Since the Clairco service is provided, there is a 90% of reduction in PM 2.5 levels. There is not a single instance where service level agreement is breached.


Energy Saving Karadi, Pune

Challenge:  The Client sought cost-efficient methods to achieve significant energy savings without requiring substantial capital expenditure


Action: Clairco installed AI-IoT based energy efficiency solution in the OpEx model


Result: 30% saving on cooling energy was achieved based on Clairco's energy optimization AI

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