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Have you felt too cold or too hot in your office? Solution to this problem can delay climate change

India has a tropical climate, making the conditions in the Indian subcontinent predominantly warm/hot. To add to this, India is experiencing escalations in temperature and heat waves. This coupled with the rapid increase in population and urbanization is causing an exponential increase in the demand for cooling. The demand for space cooling alone has more than tripled since 2000, twice as quickly as for lighting or water heating.

Cooling or Space cooling industry as we call it in the commercial real estate space is lagging behind when it comes to using technology and making assumptions based on data.

Today, where it’s a very common occurrence to talk about your workspace and of it being too cold or too hot; just as a passing comment or a starter for a conversation, it has rather a very large implication and effect on the environment and also, on a large scale, hinders with our plans to control global warming.

How is it? You may ask. The answer is simple, the reason why you feel hot or cold is because the AHU ( Air handling unit ) is set to cool at a certain temperature. Now, that the set temperature is not based on the occupancy, the humidity, the outdoor temperature etc. i.e. it is not a knowledgeable guess rather an arrow in the dark, it is arbitrary and also the reason why you end up feeling cold in some places and rather warm in others.

Cooling air takes energy and the energy consumption when curbed can have a very large impact on the efforts to mitigate the effects of global warming.

Now, cooling at an arbitrary fixed level means you are cooling air constantly irrespective of the time, the occupancy or how many people are there. Thus, constantly using energy inefficiently.

This can be stopped by using IoT & AI which makes recommendations on the basis of data inside and outside the workspace which inturn optimizes the cooling of your building making it effective, sustainable and smart.

Today’s ACs, i.e. ACs already fitted and running, are outdated when it comes to using technology to optimize functioning and cooling. The Air conditioning systems which are being developed take into consideration energy savings and cooling optimization as that is the need of the hour. That is why we say, We need ACs of tomorrow, today. The technology in the cooling sector needs to change and that too at a rapid place, we no longer can remain complacent and adjust with the existing technologies.

Breathe Safe, Stay Sustainable.

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