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Clairco - Products and Services

Clairco provides enhanced air purification and real-time insights to reduce maintenance costs, increase energy efficiency, and improve occupant experience. Clairco stands for Clean Air company, Clairco is the only company which guarantees clean air in office premises.

The conception of Clairco was done to improve air quality and help people breathe cleaner air. Clairco’s belief and vision comes from a very deep rooted personal experience. The concept came when Clairco’s founder, Aayush Jha’s, father moved to Delhi and couldn’t breathe properly because of the air quality in the city. This made aayush’s resolve even stronger and thus he founded Clairco.

Clean Air As a Service

Clairco works on a Zero CapEx model where the customer doesn’t have to pay anything upfront. In Lay-man terms Clairco offers Clean Air as a Service.

Also, Clairco ensures and guarantees clean air in the premises, this is done by signing a Service level Agreement with the client and to ensure clean air, If Clairco fails to deliver on the SLA, we don’t charge for that month.


Apart from the services mentioned, Clairco also has it’s own set of patented innovations which also aim at bringing groundbreaking innovations and improvements to the existing solutions.

As we all know, in 2020, India along with it’s citizens came to a screeching halt due to a virus called the Sars-Cov-2. Evidences started emerging about the virus bring airborne in nature.

This brought about certain changes and innovations, resulting in the creation of NanoClair.

NanoClair is Clairco’s own patented technology which when combined with the Clairco filters in the Air handling units, helps remove all the pathogens like fungi, Bacteria etc. NanoClair was found very effective against the elimination of Sars-Cov-2 Virus as it brings about 99% elimination of Sars-Cov-2 in about 105 minutes. Along with the elimination of pathogens, NanoClair has also been found effective against TVOCs or Total Volatile organic compounds,

Which are primarily the reasons for many respiration related illnesses. Nanoclair eliminates the TVOCs in the room in about 30 minutes.

The above mentioned solutions take care of the indoor air quality wherein, The filters, Nanoclair, Monitoring Devices, Differential Pressure transmitters etc. are able to provide a one stop solution to maintain great air quality.

Energy Optimization

Energy optimization or reducing energy consumption and carbon footprints of the buildings are also one thing that clairco focuses on.

The Energy consumptio when reduced, reduces the carbon footprint of the building which in turn helps buildings run in an efficient and a sustainable manner.

Clairco’s Albedo technol

ogy is a transparent layer which when applied on the glass of the building reflects 85 - 90% of the infrared light and the UV light which is incident on the building.

The UV light is the cause of diseases whereas the infrared light is the light which heats up the building from the inside. When the coat is applied,this reduces the temperature of the building by about 7-8 degrees which inturn reduces the need for cooling and inturn effecting or reducing the carbon footprint of the building.

Clairco’s aim is to help at least 5 million people daily, breathe cleaner safer and purer air.

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