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The Effects of Air Pollution on Women

Air pollution is one of the banes of modern day society. There are implications of air pollution in humans irrespective of gender but there are some ramifications which are predominantly seen in one gender over the other.


There are some effects of air pollution which affect women more than men, since a women is responsible for giving birth to offsprings and also, feeding the offsprings for a certain amount of time, this is a major effect which needs to be looked into

Cancer: One word which brings nothing but fear and horrid memories for people. The rise in PM 2.5 and PM 10 ( Particulate matter 2.5 and Particulate Matter 10 ) has been directly linked to the increase of breast cancer cases

Hormonal Disorders: Increase in air pollution has been linked with hormonal disorders in women’s bodies. The increase in air pollution affects women’s endocrine systems, by the Endocrine Damaging Chemicals ( EDCs) which make menstruation cramps worse and more painful and also, irregular

Pre-Term Babies - Inhaling NO2 and NOx, which are major air pollutants has been linked with the increase in the birth of pre - term babies. A large amount of scientific research shows that women who are exposed to air pollutants for a longer period of time are more likely to have premature babies. Also, there has been a noticable increase in the amount of miscarriages linked to air pollution.

Mental Health - In recent studies, it has been found that severe air quality causes more distress to people and even leads to rising suicide rates, especially among women. The air pollutants have a direct impact on the way our body metabolizes hormones like serotonin which stabilizes our mood and boosts our mind. An emerging connection can be witnessed between particular air pollutants and a wide range of mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, dementia, and childhood cognitive development.

Generally in women the effect of all ailments looks to have a more devastating impact in families led by women, when the women run families are impacted by this there are devastating effects. Also, the taboo linked to the diseases especially in and around the reproductive system and organs of a woman, prevent a woman in this country to go to hospitals in search of help.

So All in all, Adverse effects, Pollutions, Targeted devastation in the body of women along with the social stigma and taboo attached to it is the recipe for disaster. And our government and we, together should work hand in hand to avert it.

How do we do it? Congrats, youve already taken the first step, Awareness. Awareness coupled with spreading awareness and knowledge along with action based plans and strategies is the only way to battle this and avert disaster.

Until next time, Breathe clean, Stay healthy.

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