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Energy Conservation Day

Today, The 14th of December, is Energy conservation day. As we say this, you might think I conserve so much energy, I surely don’t add to the chaos of energy consumption across the world right now. If you are someone who thinks in this manner, we’d urge you to think again.

So, we know, Energy can’t be destroyed or created, it can just be converted from one form to another. For the longest time, we’ve been converting the energy present in coal by combustion to another form of energy that is electricity. While we have constantly been working towards sustainable and renewable energy, we’ve not had a lot of success till date.

I sit at either my house or the office, How am I adding to this?

Since the change in the climatic conditions all over the world, the world has become a warmer place. I am not talking about the warmth of love or feelings, it’s still as unforgiving as it was, if not more. But yes, The world has become a warmer place from the perspective of temperature.

But again how am I adding to this?

Give me a sec, I am coming to the point. Patience is not only the thing the world has run out of, it is also running out of resources. Since the earth is getting warmer and we don’t like that, we tend to keep our air conditioning systems and units at a much lower temperature than before.

So, Since I like my room to be cold, am I adding to a global problem?

Precisely, Most of the energy consumed by the corporate buildings and real estate happens because of the HVAC systems, which are the systems in place to keep the place cool.

HVAC systems use almost 60% energy used in commercial real estate.

Also, if you increase the setting of the air conditioner in your room by 1 degree, it reduces the energy consumption by your air conditioner by about 5%.

So instead of keeping your AC at 20 degrees and putting a blanket on, you can keep the AC at 24 degrees and put on a thin blanket

Ha, I can save energy in my sleep?

Yes, of course, also by switching off the tubelights, fans and chargers when not in use. The lesser energy you use, you can not only save money but you can save the planet too.


O Right, going to save the planet are we? Best of luck, let’s do it together.

We are all captain Planets in our own right.

- By Arvind Sunder

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